NYFW Streetstyle

NYFW Streetstyle

Faith Connexion black cocktail dress
3 970 ZAR – stylebop.com

Black shoes
625 ZAR – publicdesire.co.uk

Givenchy crossbody handbag
27 385 ZAR – brownsfashion.com

505 ZAR – wandtattoos.de

Nars cosmetic
435 ZAR – narscosmetics.com




Thakoon white long sleeve shirt
14 625 ZAR – modaoperandi.com

Givenchy handbag
4 450 ZAR – bagborroworsteal.com

Buckle belt
1 375 ZAR – princesspolly.com

Metal glasses
330 ZAR – choies.com

Uncommon tech accessory
240 ZAR – gilt.com

Mac cosmetic
1 080 ZAR – maccosmetics.com

MAC Cosmetics matte foundation
445 ZAR – maccosmetics.com

Mac cosmetic

Chanel rose perfume
1 375 ZAR – tradesy.com

Casual Chic

Casual Chic

Acne Studios white top
1 395 ZAR – tradesy.com

Sleeveless blouse
295 ZAR – pinkqueen.com

Isabel Marant pocket shorts
3 035 ZAR – theoutnet.com

Tony Bianco small heel shoes
1 370 ZAR – styletread.com.au

Givenchy purse
26 025 ZAR – selfridges.com

Silver glasses
370 ZAR – choies.com

That POLO Neck…..

I remember when i was little my wardrobe consisted out of 10 different color Polo Neck Sweaters…..looking at that photos i ask myself & my mother why oh why….( luckily i can use my age as an excuse )

Today the POLO Neck,Turtle Neck or Skivvy whatever you would like to call it…is a definite go to style item.

1fbb07c6aff747e01e805d5419066dbb1. Style it with that perfect pair of high rise jeans add a classic black or tan belt to give it that edge.


2. Add that perfect coat or trench to pull off that super chic winter look.


3. Throw it back to that vintage Polo Neck style, by adding a suede mini skirt to the mix.


4. Luckily for us the over sized knit is quite on trend at the moment, style it with a basic leggings, jeans or midi skirt. So comfortable & easy to pull off & that basic black boots makes an powerful statement.


5. All one Color:  #allblackeverything #allwhiteeverything the list goes on ,  I’m obsessed. This is the ultimate definition of simplicity.


6. I’ve heard people say , they feel the Polo Neck makes them look quite “MANLY”… we say just  add that beautiful minimalist jewelry , simple as that.


7. This one is on top of my to do list.Wear that Boyfriend collar shirt over the Polo Neck.

Even better when that polo neck is adding a pop of color .

No more nightmares about that childhood memories I have about the Polo Neck. Keeping it stylish is the aim of the game.


Michelle van Zyl

To lingo or not to lingo….

To lingo or not to lingo… this is in fact NOT actually a question most of us even consider when it comes to fashion.

It isn’t as if you’re going to ask the shop assistant or even your best friend to hand you the “bandeau” from the nearest shelf or if they have any kind of rustic gold “Minaudière” for your brother’s wedding.. right?

You probably thought being fashionable required a certain flair for style and not an extensive vocabulary, but to be true to your inner fashion self, you need to have your fashion lingo down pat. You know, just to feel good about yourself.

With a little bit of French thrown in the mix, we don’t blame you for not perfecting them sooner.

So before you put your foot in your mouth in the front row or even in the dressing room, we give you an all-inclusive fashion glossary that will help you sound like the true fashion lover you really are..

Or maybe just have a look at the words and forget about it by tomorrow. So far you’ve survived without it.


A decorative design or ornament made from one fabric and sewn on top of another fabric.

Avant Garde

A term that refers to innovative creations that push the boundaries of style. Extreme and wild. But oh so hot. Most of the time.


A band-shaped tube top. Boob tube if you will.


It describes a type of silhouette that is squarish in shape and is commonly seen on jackets.


No, we’re not talking about your “male companion” but about any item with a cut that could fit into a guy’s closet. The term is short for borrowed-from-the-boyfriend.

Du Jour

Something that is extremely current and ultra trendy at the moment.

Faux Pas

An embarrassing blunder and error in style judgment that should be avoided at all costs.

Haute Couture

A French term that describes clothes that are custom made or one-of-a-kind and high-fashion.


Je Ne Sais Quoi

It’s French for a certain something; an indefinable charming quality.


Pronounced me-nod-yer, it is a hard, box clutch that is a must-have fashion accessory for women to carry their essentials around in the evening.


Something that is no longer in style; a thing of the past.

Piéce de résistance

The best or most important and outstanding feature of a design.


It’s French for ready-to-wear and is the opposite of haute couture as it is not one-of-a-kind. You can find it off-the rack.


Anything relating to clothing, tailoring and dressing.


Don’t mistake this for the seafood dish. Scallops are the pretty rounded edges on hemlines and necklines of garments.

Don’t worry if you forget half of these words by the end of this sentence, but hope you feel classy if you can throw it into some casual conversation

postsource: popxo.com


Janmare Groenewald

go “ALL” out….

Our latest obsession has to be that one color look….

White, Black , Tan & Grey in head to toe. These looks are super chic and quite easy to pull off.Where different textures to give your outfit that edge that all of us ladies seek.

Add a touch of color by adding gold jewelry,that red lipstick or a bright color heel/sneaker.

12  whitez1all-black-outfits26c082073dec853a8c96e8ff879590c35


Australian Street Style

With it being Australian Fashion Week at the moment,i though i’d share some of my favorite street styles….

I have to say as time goes by my love for Australian fashion is growing day by day. And as you all know the show Fashion bloggers is also based on well known bloggers Amanda Shadforth, Sara Donaldson, Zanita Whittington, Kate Waterhouse, Nadia Fairfax,all from Australia.

I’m quite obsessed with the show & the amazing tips they provide to fellow bloggers….

When it comes to Fashion Week its not only about the designers and their amazing shows…street style has became a BIG thing in fashion.

The reason why I love street style so much is because is personal. It’s your own style,it displays your personality & is oh so trendy .

11011035_1439486069682364_5511249800941426477_n 1743690_1439486346349003_187218966329251625_n 11150343_1439486316349006_103050789218174874_n 11147173_1439486263015678_521350776555906630_n 11129920_1439486103015694_4825656755055422991_n 11159474_1439486289682342_6342682906215450382_n