That Make Up questions we all want answered…..

We asked Mariska Swart a Freelance Make Up artist & Lecturer at Face to Face Beauty & Make Up School all the Make Up questions we struggle with on a daily basis. 

1.How can I do an easy smoky eye? (Actually easy)

The true answer to getting an easy perfect smoky eye is that there is no quick fix way! Reason being all eyes and faces are unique. With most things in life, the old saying “practice makes perfect” counts here as well. The best way to do a smoky eye is to start with the basics. Know where you want to add the darker color(usually the crease or the outside corner of the eye). As soon as you know that you can start practicing. Start out with a brown or even a light grey until you have the blending bit down. Apply the dark shade in such a way that you can barely see it when facing yourself in the mirror.

That way when you blend(or smoke out) the color, it won’t end up at your brows. Using an eye shadow brush (yes an actual eye shadow brush, not your fingers) will go a long way with helping the blending go smoothly. Do your eyes first so that if there is any mistakes you can fix it when applying your full foundation. Keep the brow bone (area below the brow) as clean as possible and for events or extra drama add some highlighter. Now as soon as you are happy with your light smoky, you can go on to darker shades. Remember this has a lot to do with playing around to find what best suits you and what you are most comfortable with.

Big secret tip: a shimmer eye shadow will blend waaaay easier than matt colors specifically black.

2.. How can I easily apply liquid eyeliner?

Liquid eyeliner is one of those things that will make many females run and hide out of fear! If you make use of gel liner, make sure to have the proper angled liner brush.

When applying the liner lift up your eyelid just above the lash line to get a tight line above your lashes, you can always thicken and lengthen afterwards. Most people find that the liquid eyeliner pens (which literally looks like a coloring marker) work better as it gives more control. These markers or brushes work in exactly the same way as a normal marker or brush would.

Most people find that the liquid eyeliner pens (which literally looks like a coloring marker) work better as it gives more control. These markers or brushes work in exactly the same way as a normal marker or brush would. If you press too hard too much product will be applied, if you slant the brush a thicker line will be achieved and if you use the very tip of the brush, you will have a very thin line. Again do not try this the first time on an important first date or event. Practice on yourself with only eyeliner until you are confident enough with the technique. Small mistakes can easily be fixed with an ear bud soaked in makeup remover. (Obviously not if you have a perfect smoky as per question 1 and then ruined it with liner)

3.What is the proper order of applying my makeup

There is usually a set way in doing things but with any art form the rules are meant to be broken. Do what suits your lifestyle best.

I usually moisturize first (for oily skins use a mattifying product otherwise your makeup will end up sliding all over your face.)

Step2: apply foundation on the eye area. (If the shadow tends to crease and sweat off, invest in an eye shadow primer)

Step3: powder the eye area with translucent powder to remove the stickiness. This powder won’t leave color on the skin.

Step4: eye shadow then eyeliner. If not confident with liner yet do that first then shadows and fix liner at the end if the shadows has smudged over the line.

Step5: mascara, mascara, MASCARA. This deserves its own step as this product transforms any eye from dull and tired to awake and sexy.

Step 6: remove any panda eyes with a remover wipe and apply foundation over the face and concealer under the eyes. Powder the areas that you are prone to sweat or have oil. Usually the forehead, nose and chin. Step 7: add some color by using a blush and lip color that works well with the color used on the eyes. Do not use purple on the eyes and expect an orange tone lip and cheek to work out. You will look like a hot mess. Pinks stick together and

4. Do I really need lip liner under my lipstick??

Yes lip liner is a must. Once you have used one properly you’ll never be able to go back to applying lipstick as irresponsibly. The waxy consistency of a lip liner keeps the lipstick from bleeding into the little lines and cracks around your mouth. Liner also allows you to fix tiny flaws in the lips if the one side is lower down you can draw it higher up etc. Want fuller lips? You can line slightly outside your natural lip line to create the appearance of fuller lips. Again ladies the emphasis is on SLIGHTLY! Bozo the clown lips does not look good on anybody. The biggest bonus that a lip liner has is that it will help your lipstick last a lot longer.

Keep your liner color a shade or two lighter or darker to your lipstick color depending on the look you want. DO NOT do dark liner with light lipstick as it is very distasteful. And best be left In the history of makeup fails.

5.What should I use to keep my makeup on longer?

I love mac fix it spray. There are many of these makeup fix sprays on the market these days so shop around until you find your perfect one. When in a pinch you can always use hairspray as well- If you don’t mind the fumes. This will basically seal your makeup and result in it not sweating off within the first hour out.

6. Contouring or Strobing?

I prefer using a touch of both!! Contouring to sculpt features and then using highlighters to make certain features pop! I like to have the best of both worlds.

** in makeup my biggest tip is to always start small and build up from there. One can always add color and drama but it is a lot harder to remove without messing up the whole look entirely.

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Yes, we all have to admit it, we liked the idea of contouring. And we liked the idea of trying it so that we can look super good. We saved pictures of “how- to’s”, followed tutorials on YOUTUBE and we all we said, “I have to try it some or other time, but actually it’s impossible to do and I’ll just keep looking at these gorgeous women doing it on the internet and pretend that I’m going to try it next week.

NOW there is a new trend. A top of the notch new way to do makeup which looks way more natural, less intense and (bonus) is really easy to do.. We welcome strobing into our lives.  What is strobing, you ask? It’s a fun and interesting term for highlighting, basically. Forget everything you learned about contouring, or well, tried to learn.

This extra highlighting will give you a dewy, shimmery, glittery more youthful glow. But because “dewy” can turn into “sweaty” super-quick, here are a few tips to keep you on the right track.


  1. Prep your skin with a hydrating moisturiser. Strobing is all about getting the perfect glow, so you’ll need to replenish dull, dry skin with a good moisturizer first. If you have naturally oily skin, use one that’s oil-free. My favourite moisturiser with a glow is Ponds Gold Radiance Day Moisturiser. With real gold micro particles. Yes, I’m addicted to this product and it’s perfect for strobing.


Next, use a highlighter shade that best matches your skin tone. To avoid the frosted ’90s look, make sure the highlighter you’re using complements your skin tone for a subtle sheen.

For a fair skin tone: Use champagne tones.

For a light- medium skin tone: Use pink champagne tones.

For an olive skin: Use golden tones.

For a dark skin: Use terracotta tones.


Only use the highlighter in spots that catch light: on your cheekbones, along your temples, down the bridge of your nose, below your brow bone, in the corners of your eyes and above your cupid’s bow on your mouth. This will enhance your natural features. Don’t spread the product all over your face, or else your glow will turn into a greasy mess.

If you have oily skin, skip areas like your forehead or chin, which have a little shine already. (Tip via Colleen O’Neill.) Then opt for matte bronzer, blush, or other facial products and only use a shimmery highlighter. To avoid looking like a disco ball, choose a matte formula for most of your makeup (primer, foundation, bronzer, powder etc.).

After you’ve applied the highlighter, blend it out with your fingers, a fan brush or a damp makeup sponge. To avoid blobs of product and obvious makeup lines, make sure you blend any harsh edges of highlighter so it fades into the rest of your skin.

Avoid highlighting areas on your face that have breakouts — unless you want to spotlight your blemish. Yes, there are no other rules. It’s as easy as that.

Start strobing instead of contouring to highlight your eyes, contour your mouth, enhance your cheekbones and emphasize your pout 😉

Janmare xx

The accessory we all Envy….

While Keeping up with Kendall Jenner…we noticed she has been wearing this amazing MUST HAVE ITEM……okay maybe its more of a want than a need,but do you blame us???


That black double buckle belt  just adds something extra, to give your outfit that statement it needs. Dating back to Coachella when Kendall first wore it. She has been rocking the monochrome trend & the gold detail on the belt just makes it look even more chic.

Kendall-Jenner (1)10039-10039-129FF339600000578-3140536-Dressed_to_impress_Kendall_Jenner_was_spotted_at_L_Avenue_restau-a-103_1435324596990

But shes not the only one….

Who wore it better? Kendall or Selena?


MinimalismforBreakfast is obsessed with this accessory, quite frankly we will be running to the shop right after this post.


We thought we’d share some of our favorite “belt” moments to give you that bit of styling inspiration when purchasing your own.



Baseball Caps

Hitting the gym…Not eager to face anyone….No make up ……..Or keeping to the trend…..

The Baseball Cap is perfect for any occasion. Easy to wear & convenient. We have seen it on the runway, on the street whether trying to make statement or keeping under the radar. We all opt not to wear makeup some days & this is perfect for the no make up look. Comfy & casual.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite Baseball Cap looks:



Fall/ winter 2015 fashion campaigns with few surprises

The new fashion campaigns for the autumn/ winter 2015 have been released in the last two weeks with a few shocks, surprises and comebacks in store.

First, in April this year it was announced that Donatella Versace, who heads up the Italian luxury brand Versace would star in the autumn/winter campaign for Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. This was a huge shock, as the fashion industry is very competitive and these are two huge names in the international fashion industry.

On the 1st of July the full campaign has been released with Donatella Versace as the face for the entire campaign.

The new ad, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and styled by Carine Roitfeld shows Donatella with arms crossed staring down the camera decked out in a look from Tisci’s new autumn collection

Donatella explained the decision to pose for the rival fashion house:

“I believe in breaking rules. Riccardo Tisci is extremely talented and above all my dear friend. We are family. I want to get rid of the old system, work together, support each other and make fashion a true global community.” She commented.

Tisci, who has been at the helm of Givenchy since 2005 explained his choice of muse:

“I approached my friend Donatella because she represents what a Fashion Icon is to me. We thought it was time to break boundaries and give a strong message about how to think Fashion”.


Next, Katy Perry to star in the new Moschino campaign.

Katy Perry has worn creations by Jeremy Scott to nearly every major event this year- from her performance at the Superbowl earlier this year to The Met Gala.  So it doesn’t come as surprise to see the singer star in the designer’s newest campaign for Moschino. In the image from the new campaign Perry models a patchwork denim jacket over a gold bra and heavy chain jewellery. The autumn/winter 2015 campaign was shot by photographers Inez and Vinoodh back in March and marks the first time Scott has cast a celebrity face for the brand having previously shot only models.


Kate Moss and Lara Stone teams up for the new Balenciaga campaign.

Both of these models might be household names and great known faces, but the new autumn/ winter 2015 campaign for Balenciaga is the first time that these two models have ever worked together. You wouldn’t have guessed it if you see these hot pictures.

These are shot by Steven Klein and styled by Panos Yiapanis and the two models are dressed from head- to- toe in looks from the 2015 autumn/winter collection. “For me, the fall collection began with the real women of Balenciaga – women who are multifaceted and multidimensional: strong and sensual yet also austere and mysterious.” Commented Alexander Wang, the brand’s Creative Director to WWD.

“I wanted the first image for the campaign to frame Kate and Lara in a mysterious conversation.”


One of the most talked about campaigns are Marc Jacobs’ new campaign, starring a whole host of famous friends to front the brand including Cher, Willow Smith and Anthony Kiedis.

The lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, poses with his son Everly Bear in the newest image on Instagram and 1st July’s new announcement – Winona Ryder. Ryder makes her return to the brand after having first appeared in campaigns back in 2003.

This new campaign’s cast is done by Anita Bitton and shot by Sims. On his Instagram page, the designer wrote: “Beauty, style and talent know no age. It is those individuals whose creativity, unique vision, and voice inspire all of us here to create and express ourselves through our medium: fashion.” Jacobs added that there will be more images from the fall campaign rolled out in the coming weeks.



Hailey Gates and Stacy Martin star in Miu Miu campaign shot by Steven Meisel.


Miss Asia Kinney (Lady Gaga’s dog) stars in the new Coach campaign photographed by Steven Meisel.


Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne for Mango


Yes, I predict a very hot fall/summer 2015.

Janmare xx


Whenever I’m mad at my fiancé, when I need time to think, or when I need to create and be creative, I turn to my office. So basically I think every woman is entitled to her own office. A space which is her own, which reflects her as a woman and as the stylish, powerful person that she is or can be.

I think it is important for a person to keep creating her or himself. Sometimes you can achieve that on your own, but mainly, a certain space is needed to be yourself and to channel your inner creativity, beauty, power or to just damn relax.

A woman’s office can tell so much about her. Yes, some people don’t really mind what their office looks like because they are so busy killing it in the corporate world and climbing the ladder to success. But allow me to let you in on a little secret. Your office can help you achieve that success. It can make you feel better about yourself and yes, even if you are aiming to reach the top of that ladder, you still like pretty. You like beautiful. You like stylish and modern. And of course you need a space at work or at home which can complement your Chanel work suit, and still shout to the world who you are as a person, so no, it can’t be bland.


It is very important to create this office space so that you can actually work, which is ergonomic, which is welcoming to other people, and yes, stylish just like the person you are.  A minimalistic design can achieve just that.

A minimalistic design is exactly what it says. Minimal. The main idea of this design is “less is more”. A clutter- free zone where you can still express your need for style and creativity. It seems that the interiors of modern office designs are following the minimalism trend to the core, with its sleek, stylish and clean look that has well-defined lines in every aspect of the office or space.  These minimalistic designs vary in shape, size and often are accentuated by unique shades, colours and patterns that give them much needed individuality. Designs showcasing the fact that inspiration is never too far away.

One of the most essential advantages of opting for the minimalist design is that it not only is easy on your eyes and looks both contemporary and classy, but it also does not demand much in the form of materials that are needed. A home office that is minimalist in style also seems to need a lot less décor as cluttering it with too much takes away from the clean and clear lines.


Before you start creating your minimalistic space, you need to look at the room or office space as a whole. Of course this is much easier if this is a home office. Next you need to decide on a colour scheme or decorating ideas. Of course, this has to be kept to a minimal 😉 Big art works are no longer just for the art collectors, but can be perfect in a minimalistic office.

Except for one art work, clear the walls. Clear your desk, as well as your computer. Everything needs to be open and “fresh” if you will. Eliminate unnecessary work tools, yes, you don’t need your stapler, scissors, pens, calculator and cell phone all on your desk at once. Maybe just your coffee is needed.

Make sure your floors are clutter free and find a place for everything in your office. Once you used it, put it back in its place.

This environment will not only help to get your work done, but it will create a stress-free Zen zone. And yes, you can then achieve anything you want. As long as your office and personal space are clutter free and as minimalistic as possible, the world is yours ;).


Janmare xx