The accessory we all Envy….

While Keeping up with Kendall Jenner…we noticed she has been wearing this amazing MUST HAVE ITEM……okay maybe its more of a want than a need,but do you blame us???


That black double buckle belt  just adds something extra, to give your outfit that statement it needs. Dating back to Coachella when Kendall first wore it. She has been rocking the monochrome trend & the gold detail on the belt just makes it look even more chic.

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But shes not the only one….

Who wore it better? Kendall or Selena?


MinimalismforBreakfast is obsessed with this accessory, quite frankly we will be running to the shop right after this post.


We thought we’d share some of our favorite “belt” moments to give you that bit of styling inspiration when purchasing your own.




What’s in my Bag

What’s In My Bag?

Ladies, we all know we carry almost our entire life in our handbags every single day, or that’s what it feels like! We have basic necessities in our bag that we can’t go without. I have made a list of MY items in my everyday handbag:


  1. iPhone: This one is obvious, who nowadays go anywhere without their phone, right?
  2. iPad: My iPad makes it so easy to blog or just do some research while relaxing at the local Starbucks.
  3. Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses: I can literally not go anywhere without my Dolce’s! I wear them when I do an early AM run to the gym WITHOUT any makeup.I always wear them while driving, going for a walk outside, even if it is cloudy with almost no sunshine! It’s part of the latest range of sunglasses for Dolce & Gabbana so it helps that it’s trendy too 😉
  4. Starbucks Vouchers: In the neighborhood where I live, people often give one another a $15 Starbucks voucher to say thanks for doing them a favor and oh yes it always comes in handy!
  5. DCT lip treatment: Especially in winter months, lip treatments are a must because let’s be honest, no one likes cracked lips. It’s such a turn off. DCT is an amazing product and a really inexpensive way to keep those lips moist.
  6. Cover Girl nail polish & Marie Claire nail file kit: Chipped nail polish –I always keep it in my handbag to touch up when the need is there. Cover Girl nail polish has amazing shades and my go-to shades are always nudes. I am totally obsessed….
  7. Lancôme Mascara & Eye shadow: I think Lancome is definitely one of the best makeup brands when choosing mascara. The HypnÔse Drama mascara from Lancôme does an amazing job to create thick lashes in seconds! And obviously, my go-to shades when it comes to eye shadow is, yes you guessed it, NUDES!
  8. Mac Bronzer: contouring is EVERYTHING. I simply cannot live without my Mac bronzer. And it’s super affordable!
  9. Mac Pro longwear waterproof brow set: By now, all of you know that I am totally in a relationship with brows. I live for people whose brow game is strong. I was unfortunately not blessed with a pair of Cara Delevingne brows, but that’s why I love this brow set! It can trick people into thinking that it’s all natural on point brows!
  10. The Body Shop hand cream – apple flavor: Say no to dry hands, it’s not cute. I always carry this travel size hand cream wherever I go, and it smells divine!

So, there you have it! #thatswhatsinmybag |