Packing Tips

Packing for overseas & locally has become more difficult with luggage restrictions. Not to mention when you check in your bag…. & its overweight, which means pay up. I have to admit that luggage was the reason ( in my mind ) I missed my flight back to Cape Town a few years ago…( okay maybe i should have been there earlier but these things happen ).

Over Packing has  always been my downfall. Instead of packing the items i know  i will definitely wear,I have this fear in the back of my mind that i will want to wear some of the “older” items in my wardrobe.

So i thought i’d share some tips that i have started using when packing,to ensure I pack as much as possible while keeping to the airline restrictions.

1. Create a packing list:

  • Address list and list of important contacts or numbers
  • Backpack, suitcase, sports bag (something to pack everything in)
  • Paper or Notebook
  • Passport
  • Tickets and itinerary
  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Finances
  • Clothes
  • Toiletries

2. Flat lay everything on your bed beforehand to figure out which items you can use & style differently throughout your  trip.

3. Carefully plan the bag you will be using.  “When you figure out your suitcase, you figure out your life,” Diane von Furstenberg.

4. Pack the items you have been wearing regularly the past 1-2 months. ( I would say keep to the basics)

5. To save space in your bag,rather roll you clothes than fold  them normally.

6. Never put anything you would hate to lose in your checked luggage,rather keep it as hand luggage.

7. Try not to check in late: even if you make it on to the flight, your luggage might not. ( This one is definitely for me)

8. If you want to make sure everything else in your bag stays clean , place inside airtight plastic bags.

9. Store toiletries like shampoo etc. in small containers.

10. Get a lock for your baggage.


Happy travelling 🙂




The “Power” Suit…

The power suit is a vital component of any man or woman’s wardrobe regardless of his/her profession. When i get dressed in my beautiful structured office wear i feel more at ease with myself….like i’ll be able to handle anything thrown my way. It gives you that extra boost of confidence.

It all started in 1920’s with a beautiful woman called Coco Chanel. Back in those days she kept it simple but so very chic…by pairing her power suit with a long string of pearls.

original_simplicity-coco-chanel-quote (1)

The rules around the Power Suit has changed quite a lot throughout the years. It’s not primarily about matching anymore.Bring in some colors or patterns, but essential to that is not overdressing.Its always important to know your audience,whether you will be appearing in court or a meeting at a well known fashion house.

When I think Power Suit, my mind immediately wonders off to that matching structured black blazer & Tailored Trouser. These days you get the pencil skirt,midi knee length & floor length.Blazers in different colors & those amazing heels to bring the entire look together.

I say experiment with your power suit , bring in different textures,keep it simple & elegant but  always make a statement.

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The hottest hair trend for this season—— The Half Bun.

The hottest hair trend for this season is without a doubt the half bun. That in bed-hair, dishevelled look, but kinda cool style at the same time. And it’s sudden origin? Well, if you think about it, it’s not really that sudden after all.

Remember those mornings where you roll out of bed with a shameful headache after a not so shameful night? Well it’s shameful if you think about it now. Yes, it’s those mornings where you just grab your hair and roughly do something with it to feel a bit better about yourself. At least you tried.

Or those late sunny Saturday afternoons where you decide THIS is the day I’m going to go through my closet and donate to charity. Then just end up in the middle of a pile of clothes which you want to keep just in case it’s going to be trending in a few months.. Or years. Who cares? At least you know you’ll have a pair somewhere in your closet. If you think back to that Saturday, you probably did your hair in a half bun. Because it was easy and out of the way.


Now I’m going to blame it on men. Just like all the other things we have to blame them for. I present to you, the Man Bun. Since that trend started everything changed and we all kind of drifted to the half bun. Yes. It’s unisex. We see you, Jared Leto.

Well. Come to think of it, it doesn’t really matter where or when it started, but the one thing you should know, it’s classy. It’s on the red carpet. It’s vintage. It’s hot. Well this season it can be anything you want it to be. And it’s everywhere.

Admittedly, this style is a bit odd. It’s like your hair had an identity crisis: it’s not a ponytail, yet it’s also not a full-fledged bun. Some people might think you forgot to put the rest of your hair up or that you’re going through a rebelling phase. Regardless, it’s fun and easy to do, so why not get in on the look yourself? It’s really an easy style but here are a few tips and tricks if all else still fails:


Tease your hair before you create the bun. This easy tip will help to create a fuller bun, as well as give you more to work with. Tease the part which you want to be in the bun before tying it. Especially if you have thin hair, this tip will solve the problem. Using some hairspray while teasing your hair will create a perfect texture. After your hair reach the desired texture, you can twist it into the perfect half bun.

Use powder on your hair. If you have very straight hair and the bun has trouble staying in style, sprinkle some powder in your hair to give it a better grip. It will prevent your hair from slipping out and prevent the hair tie from sliding and drooping.

 Play with the positioning of your half bun. For an edgier look, try placing your bun on top of your head. Position your bun right at the crown of your head for a cute, casual look, or wear it low for a sophisticated style.

Try curling you hair if the ends of your hair are straight, blunt, and keep popping out of the bun. If you want to keep the rest of your hair straight, that’s OK, just lightly curl the ends of your ponytail to give it a curved shape so it spins into a bun flawlessly. This will prevent the ends from sticking out and coming unravelled. If you’re looking for more of an edgier look, you can fishbraid your hair before creating the bun.

If you have dark hair and a few unfinished touches from your roots or scalp are showing, use eyeshadow that’s the same shade as your hair to colour those parts. Just take a brush and lightly dust over the lighter parts which aren’t covered when you have a high bun. As easy as that. No one will know 😉

And yes because it’s unisex, you and your partner can totally match, if that’s your thing.


Janmare xx

That POLO Neck…..

I remember when i was little my wardrobe consisted out of 10 different color Polo Neck Sweaters…..looking at that photos i ask myself & my mother why oh why….( luckily i can use my age as an excuse )

Today the POLO Neck,Turtle Neck or Skivvy whatever you would like to call it…is a definite go to style item.

1fbb07c6aff747e01e805d5419066dbb1. Style it with that perfect pair of high rise jeans add a classic black or tan belt to give it that edge.


2. Add that perfect coat or trench to pull off that super chic winter look.


3. Throw it back to that vintage Polo Neck style, by adding a suede mini skirt to the mix.


4. Luckily for us the over sized knit is quite on trend at the moment, style it with a basic leggings, jeans or midi skirt. So comfortable & easy to pull off & that basic black boots makes an powerful statement.


5. All one Color:  #allblackeverything #allwhiteeverything the list goes on ,  I’m obsessed. This is the ultimate definition of simplicity.


6. I’ve heard people say , they feel the Polo Neck makes them look quite “MANLY”… we say just  add that beautiful minimalist jewelry , simple as that.


7. This one is on top of my to do list.Wear that Boyfriend collar shirt over the Polo Neck.

Even better when that polo neck is adding a pop of color .

No more nightmares about that childhood memories I have about the Polo Neck. Keeping it stylish is the aim of the game.


Michelle van Zyl

To lingo or not to lingo….

To lingo or not to lingo… this is in fact NOT actually a question most of us even consider when it comes to fashion.

It isn’t as if you’re going to ask the shop assistant or even your best friend to hand you the “bandeau” from the nearest shelf or if they have any kind of rustic gold “Minaudière” for your brother’s wedding.. right?

You probably thought being fashionable required a certain flair for style and not an extensive vocabulary, but to be true to your inner fashion self, you need to have your fashion lingo down pat. You know, just to feel good about yourself.

With a little bit of French thrown in the mix, we don’t blame you for not perfecting them sooner.

So before you put your foot in your mouth in the front row or even in the dressing room, we give you an all-inclusive fashion glossary that will help you sound like the true fashion lover you really are..

Or maybe just have a look at the words and forget about it by tomorrow. So far you’ve survived without it.


A decorative design or ornament made from one fabric and sewn on top of another fabric.

Avant Garde

A term that refers to innovative creations that push the boundaries of style. Extreme and wild. But oh so hot. Most of the time.


A band-shaped tube top. Boob tube if you will.


It describes a type of silhouette that is squarish in shape and is commonly seen on jackets.


No, we’re not talking about your “male companion” but about any item with a cut that could fit into a guy’s closet. The term is short for borrowed-from-the-boyfriend.

Du Jour

Something that is extremely current and ultra trendy at the moment.

Faux Pas

An embarrassing blunder and error in style judgment that should be avoided at all costs.

Haute Couture

A French term that describes clothes that are custom made or one-of-a-kind and high-fashion.


Je Ne Sais Quoi

It’s French for a certain something; an indefinable charming quality.


Pronounced me-nod-yer, it is a hard, box clutch that is a must-have fashion accessory for women to carry their essentials around in the evening.


Something that is no longer in style; a thing of the past.

Piéce de résistance

The best or most important and outstanding feature of a design.


It’s French for ready-to-wear and is the opposite of haute couture as it is not one-of-a-kind. You can find it off-the rack.


Anything relating to clothing, tailoring and dressing.


Don’t mistake this for the seafood dish. Scallops are the pretty rounded edges on hemlines and necklines of garments.

Don’t worry if you forget half of these words by the end of this sentence, but hope you feel classy if you can throw it into some casual conversation



Janmare Groenewald

NEW in! Get to know Janmaré Groenewald

#MinimalismforBreakfast would like to give a warm welcome to Janmaré Groenewald.

The first writer we have added to our Blog. This is extremely exciting for us 🙂

10 facts


Janmaré Groenewald


She is an aspiring journalist for fashion, lifestyle and beauty magazines.

She is also an aspiring writer. Looking to find the perfect genre. That’s a mission in itself.

She has an addiction to nail polish.” I just can’t live with naked nails and need that splash of color in my life.”

She would become a professional shopper if she could. Shopping is life. Melodramatic. But true.

“If I can go and live in New York, then I have actually lived.” Goals since she was a little girl.

Her fashion and beauty role models are Chelsea le Roux and Ruby Tuesday Matthews.

She has an obsession with perfume.

“I’m in love with the half bun style.”

She can’t decide whether she wants to be blonde or brunette. Or both. ” I’m always playing with my hair color.”

Lipstick always make her feel better. About anything. And everything


Eyebrow game STRONG

Ladies we need to keep our eyebrows on point at all times.

Common mistakes we all make :

  • Ignoring your natural arch.
  • Matching your brow color to your hair color.
  • Over tweezing the top part of your eyebrows.
  • Laying the eyebrow make up on thick.
  • Trying to match both eyebrows perfectly ( & you end up over plucking )
  • Doing your brows first before your other make up.
  • Tweezing before a shower.


Tips on how to do your eyebrows:

  1. Brush the eyebrows first.
  2. Use tweezer to remove that unwanted hair.
  3. Use a eyebrow pencil slightly lighter that your hair color,start shaping with the pencil.
  4. Use concealer around the brows and blend, this step will give your eyebrows some definition.
  5. Eyebrows on Fleek 🙂

Easy as that !