White Interior

If you follow us on Instagram you might have come to notice we are currently obsessing over white interior…..

Here’s the thing about crisp white interior…..it just adds some elegance & simplicity  to that specific room in your home,whether it being the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.Not to mention how chic & modern it looks.

Yes… some might say an all white room…are you crazy….maybe not ideal for when you have children running around the house,but try to make one room in your home the dream you envisioned when  you were little….the room which you are able to escape from the world & reality.

Add something personal  to the room,whether it being a different material like wood or marble ,or maybe something decorative like adding a painting or  showing off your love for gardening…..

Here is some ideas on how to do crisp white interior the correct way….now let your mind wonder.



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Whenever I’m mad at my fiancé, when I need time to think, or when I need to create and be creative, I turn to my office. So basically I think every woman is entitled to her own office. A space which is her own, which reflects her as a woman and as the stylish, powerful person that she is or can be.

I think it is important for a person to keep creating her or himself. Sometimes you can achieve that on your own, but mainly, a certain space is needed to be yourself and to channel your inner creativity, beauty, power or to just damn relax.

A woman’s office can tell so much about her. Yes, some people don’t really mind what their office looks like because they are so busy killing it in the corporate world and climbing the ladder to success. But allow me to let you in on a little secret. Your office can help you achieve that success. It can make you feel better about yourself and yes, even if you are aiming to reach the top of that ladder, you still like pretty. You like beautiful. You like stylish and modern. And of course you need a space at work or at home which can complement your Chanel work suit, and still shout to the world who you are as a person, so no, it can’t be bland.


It is very important to create this office space so that you can actually work, which is ergonomic, which is welcoming to other people, and yes, stylish just like the person you are.  A minimalistic design can achieve just that.

A minimalistic design is exactly what it says. Minimal. The main idea of this design is “less is more”. A clutter- free zone where you can still express your need for style and creativity. It seems that the interiors of modern office designs are following the minimalism trend to the core, with its sleek, stylish and clean look that has well-defined lines in every aspect of the office or space.  These minimalistic designs vary in shape, size and often are accentuated by unique shades, colours and patterns that give them much needed individuality. Designs showcasing the fact that inspiration is never too far away.

One of the most essential advantages of opting for the minimalist design is that it not only is easy on your eyes and looks both contemporary and classy, but it also does not demand much in the form of materials that are needed. A home office that is minimalist in style also seems to need a lot less décor as cluttering it with too much takes away from the clean and clear lines.


Before you start creating your minimalistic space, you need to look at the room or office space as a whole. Of course this is much easier if this is a home office. Next you need to decide on a colour scheme or decorating ideas. Of course, this has to be kept to a minimal 😉 Big art works are no longer just for the art collectors, but can be perfect in a minimalistic office.

Except for one art work, clear the walls. Clear your desk, as well as your computer. Everything needs to be open and “fresh” if you will. Eliminate unnecessary work tools, yes, you don’t need your stapler, scissors, pens, calculator and cell phone all on your desk at once. Maybe just your coffee is needed.

Make sure your floors are clutter free and find a place for everything in your office. Once you used it, put it back in its place.

This environment will not only help to get your work done, but it will create a stress-free Zen zone. And yes, you can then achieve anything you want. As long as your office and personal space are clutter free and as minimalistic as possible, the world is yours ;).


Janmare xx

To lingo or not to lingo….

To lingo or not to lingo… this is in fact NOT actually a question most of us even consider when it comes to fashion.

It isn’t as if you’re going to ask the shop assistant or even your best friend to hand you the “bandeau” from the nearest shelf or if they have any kind of rustic gold “Minaudière” for your brother’s wedding.. right?

You probably thought being fashionable required a certain flair for style and not an extensive vocabulary, but to be true to your inner fashion self, you need to have your fashion lingo down pat. You know, just to feel good about yourself.

With a little bit of French thrown in the mix, we don’t blame you for not perfecting them sooner.

So before you put your foot in your mouth in the front row or even in the dressing room, we give you an all-inclusive fashion glossary that will help you sound like the true fashion lover you really are..

Or maybe just have a look at the words and forget about it by tomorrow. So far you’ve survived without it.


A decorative design or ornament made from one fabric and sewn on top of another fabric.

Avant Garde

A term that refers to innovative creations that push the boundaries of style. Extreme and wild. But oh so hot. Most of the time.


A band-shaped tube top. Boob tube if you will.


It describes a type of silhouette that is squarish in shape and is commonly seen on jackets.


No, we’re not talking about your “male companion” but about any item with a cut that could fit into a guy’s closet. The term is short for borrowed-from-the-boyfriend.

Du Jour

Something that is extremely current and ultra trendy at the moment.

Faux Pas

An embarrassing blunder and error in style judgment that should be avoided at all costs.

Haute Couture

A French term that describes clothes that are custom made or one-of-a-kind and high-fashion.


Je Ne Sais Quoi

It’s French for a certain something; an indefinable charming quality.


Pronounced me-nod-yer, it is a hard, box clutch that is a must-have fashion accessory for women to carry their essentials around in the evening.


Something that is no longer in style; a thing of the past.

Piéce de résistance

The best or most important and outstanding feature of a design.


It’s French for ready-to-wear and is the opposite of haute couture as it is not one-of-a-kind. You can find it off-the rack.


Anything relating to clothing, tailoring and dressing.


Don’t mistake this for the seafood dish. Scallops are the pretty rounded edges on hemlines and necklines of garments.

Don’t worry if you forget half of these words by the end of this sentence, but hope you feel classy if you can throw it into some casual conversation

postsource: popxo.com


Janmare Groenewald

NEW in! Get to know Janmaré Groenewald

#MinimalismforBreakfast would like to give a warm welcome to Janmaré Groenewald.

The first writer we have added to our Blog. This is extremely exciting for us 🙂

10 facts


Janmaré Groenewald


She is an aspiring journalist for fashion, lifestyle and beauty magazines.

She is also an aspiring writer. Looking to find the perfect genre. That’s a mission in itself.

She has an addiction to nail polish.” I just can’t live with naked nails and need that splash of color in my life.”

She would become a professional shopper if she could. Shopping is life. Melodramatic. But true.

“If I can go and live in New York, then I have actually lived.” Goals since she was a little girl.

Her fashion and beauty role models are Chelsea le Roux and Ruby Tuesday Matthews.

She has an obsession with perfume.

“I’m in love with the half bun style.”

She can’t decide whether she wants to be blonde or brunette. Or both. ” I’m always playing with my hair color.”

Lipstick always make her feel better. About anything. And everything



With me moving at the end of the month…I’ve been looking for easy not too expensive ways to do some decorating for my bedroom/office space.


1. Cinderblock used for a bedside “table”


2.Use Tape to decorate your pictures.It’s less expensive and totally temporary.


3. Clipboards as wall decoration in the office,change it up with your latest artwork,drawings, important notes & photos.


4. I’ve found this great idea for a DIY Bookshelf.Change it up by painting the wood a different color. Perfect for the bedroom/office combination.


5. If you love keeping the memories close, use wire and binder clips to display your favorite photos.